The inaugural issue of Liquid Weekly
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#1 - August 17th, 2021

Liquid Weekly

The newsletter by and for Shopify Developers

Issue #1 !

And we're off! By receiving this email you can officially claim to have liked Liquid Weekly before it was cool - ultimate street cred!

My goal in starting Liquid Weekly is to spread knowledge and have a positive impact on the Shopify developer community.

I hope you learn something new and enjoy hearing about what's happening in our (Shopify developers) little corner of the world.

Karl Meisterheim, Editor

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News & Articles
The New Metafields - Product Reference (2021) - Learn about the new more robust metafields announced at Shopify Unite.

Shopify's July Announcements - Catch up on all the changes announced at Shopify Unite.

Shopify Unite Video - Were you on vacation last month and missed the presentation? Now you can watch it on youtube.

Getting Started with the Shopify Github Integration - This tutorial explains how to install the Shopify Online Store GitHub app, connect a branch as a theme, test the connection, and then publish the theme.

Store Performance Tips for Developers - Here's a few tips on how to speed up your Shopify store if you are familiar with theme code.

Wordpress & Shopify Development Course - Learn how to build custom themes for WordPress and Shopify.
Code & Tools

Shopify Theme Lab - Theme development environment using Liquid, Vue and Tailwind CSS. Built on top of Shopify CLI.
Sergej Samsonenko

Shopify Script Creator - Generate Shopify line item, payment or shipping scripts for use in Shopify Plus / Script Editor
Jason Godson

Shopify Theme File Search - Easily find any text within the files of any of your Shopify themes. Regex support included!
Diego Fortes
The Changelog

Shopify API

Shopify now serves minified JavaScript files automatically - Shopify automatically minifies theme JavaScript when it is requested by the storefront.
August 12th 2021

New webhook topics for SellingPlanGroups - External apps can now subscribe to SellingPlanGroups webhook events to keep track of SellingPlans and SellingPlanGroups lifecycles.
August 12th 2021

Shopify Partner Program

Changes effective Sept. 15th 2021
  • Shopify will offer reduced revenue share owed to Shopify to 0% on the first $1 million USD in annual total revenues earned through the Shopify Theme Store...
  • All payments processed through Shopify will continue to be subject to a 2.9% transaction fee, and applicable taxes.

App Developer, Remote, $80k+ - develop and maintain a Shopify app that allows other fashion brands to use our technology on their site.

Senior Developer, React, Node & PHP, Remote, $60-$100k - looking for a senior Shopify software developer who loves working with ecommerce companies.

Full Stack Shopify Developer, NY - Build new feature sets and resolve bugs for "The world’s leading music company"

Tip of the Week

Prevent an app from running on a specific page

Sometimes you want to prevent an app from running on a particular page.
A quick trick involves using Liquid to check which template is being displayed before including the app code into the theme.

This is easily accomplished by adding a small snippet to theme.liquid

For example:

﹛% unless template == “blog” %
  link to include app code
﹛% endunless %

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