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No alarm clocks 🔕

There's a lot to love about working from anywhere.

It opens up endless possibilities to explore the world.

You can trade cold winters for warmer climates. Take a big city salary to places with lower living expenses.

That type of location freedom is a huge drawcard.

A lesser talked about perk of working on a distributed team is not having to wake up to an alarm.

For me, this has been huge for improving my overall health and wellbeing. 

Joining a team that is async-first lets you prioritize sleep. There is no expectation to be online at 9am.

Of course, there will always be commitments to meet. Kids, exercise, occasional meetings.

But if you can join a team where your outcomes are the only thing measured, then you can decide when to work.  

You can ditch the alarm. Take back control of your sleep and get to work on your own terms. 

Sounds crazy when many companies are still attached to the factory model of 9-5 office work.

It's becoming more of a reality everyday though. The proof is in this week's interview with Yac and the latest companies we have for you below 👇
Interview with Charles Kergaravat, Head of Growth at Yac
  • Tell us about what you do and where your team is located.
    Yac is an audio first, async meeting platform for teams. On Yac, short-form voice messages from your teammates let you stay in sync without being derailed by video calls and noisy chats. No scheduling or timezone management needed. 
    Our Yac team is truly global with members across the USA but also in India, Spain, France, Pakistan, Latin America, and we also have a few digital nomads that move from country to country every couple weeks. 

  • What's a modern benefit you offer your team that isn't mainstream yet?
    So we adopted a four-day work week at Yac. For us, it's all about flexibility. The team is able to work from anywhere as often as you need to work, at any time. We don't work a traditional eight-hour day and what that ends up looking like for most of our team members is that they're working about four traditional days in a week. So around 32 hours instead of a 40-hour week. 

  • Tell us about your approach to meetings vs async communication?
    We always default to asynchronous communication which allows us to have almost no synchronous meetings (in real-time). This lets everyone have more time for deep work and value outputs instead of facetime. Each team member has the flexibility to work at the times they do their best work without being interrupted by busy work.  

  • What's your favourite tool for remote collaboration?
    There are so many great tools that we use that we partnered with Setapp to create the ultimate remote work toolkit, the Yac Remote Work Pack

  • Can you give us one prediction for the future of work?
    The future of work will not be bound by location or hardware. Instead, employees will be bound only by their imagination and creativity. Your laptop, keyword and mouse will become less important and work will happen on your phone, AR glasses and microphone as your primary input device.
Latest forward-thinking companies and job opportunities 👇
SureSwift Capital: creates dream exits for bootstrapped founders.

current openings in Engineering & Administration
  • Work from anywhere 🌎 Fully remote team in 14 time zones around the world.
  • Flexible schedule 🗓️ - No set office hours.
  • Light meetings 🤝 - No unnecessary meetings.
Frontastic: is a Composable Frontend Platform that enables fast-growing brands to build amazing websites easy and fast on top of headless.

current openings across all departments
  • Work from anywhere 🌎 Every single person in the team works remotely.
  • Async communication 💬 - Asynchronous communication first.
  • Flexible schedule 🗓️ - You’re free to choose your own hours to work around your life. We’re also open to part-time hours.
  • Company retreats ✈️ - Even as a remote team, we know how important it is to see each other in person. So we meet 3 times a year for retrospectives plus a 5-day retreat.
Castos: Podcast hosting, analytics, and production platform

current opening in Development
  • Work from anywhere 🌎 - A fully remote team across 4 continents. 
  • Flexible schedule 🗓️ - Let’s face it, some of us just aren’t cut out to sit in a cubical from 9-5 every day.
  • Light meetings 🤝 - Zero red tape, pointless meetings.
  • Company retreats ✈️ - Annual team retreats.
Canonical: Enterprise open source, secured and delivered by the publisher of Ubuntu.

50+ current openings across every department
  • Remote friendly 💻  - A fully distributed organisation. Most people work from home.
  • Flexible schedule 🗓️ - You get tremendous, perhaps unprecedented, flexibility in how you organise your day.
WebDev Studios: A website design and development agency that creates quality-driven, user-friendly experiences for startups to large enterprise projects.

current openings in Engineering, Design and Business Development
  • Work from anywhere 🌎 WebDevStudios is a distributed company with team members across the globe. 
  • Company retreats ✈️  - Annual company retreat.
  • ​​Flexible schedule 🗓️ - Flexibility to alter your schedule as needed.
Super: Build simpel websites with noting but Notion. 

current openings in Marketing and Engineering
  • Work from anywhere 🌎 - Work in in any specific location or time zone.
  • Async communication 💬 - We work asynchronously.
  • ​​Light meetings 🤝 - We never hold any all-hands meetings, or rarely any meetings at all for that matter.
  • Trusting managers 🦸‍♀️ - We're not looking to micro-manage.
  • ​​​Flexible schedule 🗓️ - We don't stress or need to track how many hours you're putting in every week.
Liquibase: A community-led database change management solution.

current openings across all departments
  • Work from anywhere 🌎- A fully remote workforce - we will never ask you to go into an office.
  • Flexible schedule 🗓️ - Flexible working hours over set working hours. The results of work over the hours put in.
Hookdeck: is a webhook infrastructure that handles the ingestion and error handling ensuring you receive all your webhooks.

current openings in development
  • Work from anywhere 🌎  - A fully remote team.
  • Async communication 💬 - Fully asynchronous workflows.
  • Flexible schedule 🗓️ - We don’t compromise on work-life balance.
Colvin: is a global scale-up from Barcelona, disrupting the floriculture and gifting industry.

10 current remote openings across all departments 
  • Remote friendly 💻 - Work in Barcelona or anywhere in the world (or combine both!)
  • Flexible schedule 🗓️Yes, that means 100% flexible.

Tools & Resources 🔧

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