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#9 - October 12th, 2021

Liquid Weekly

The newsletter by and for Shopify Developers

Karl Says

I'm pretty excited about this weeks issue. The worst thing about putting it together was not having the time to sit with each of the articles as much as I wanted because they are all so interesting!
News & Articles
A Beginner's Guide to Shopify Theme Structure
if you're building a Shopify theme, you need to know what the files are and how they all fit together.

Multi-currency SEO Issues
The ability to use multi-currencies on any store using Shopify Payments has been available for quite a while now. Yet multi-currency has caused a widespread SEO issue.

What I Wish I Knew Before Building a Shopify App
I spent the last week building an App for the Shopify Marketplace. It was unlike anything I've done before on the Web. Knowing some of the things I'm going to share, before you start building, could save you some headache.

The easy way to do the Shopify Storefront API (graphql with fetch)
Walk through the steps to set up your shop with the access, create the graphql query, and then call the query with Javascript Fetch.
Code & Tools

Shopify CLI Tool Authorization Issue
Got bit by this one myself recently while working with the new Shopify CLI tool for theme development. Here's a nice github thread with a possibly workaround. At the very least, you won't feel alone in your troubles.

EcommerceTech Directory
Get some free exposure to 1000s of merchants, submit your agency to the EcommerceTech directory

Shopify Theme Lab
Here's a I think I might have linked to this before, but it's so good, I just had to link to it again. Shopify Theme Lab is a customizable modular development environment for blazing-fast Shopify theme creation. It is built on top of the Shopify CLI and extends it with additional workflow and building capabilities. By default, it's bundled with Vue.js and Tailwind CSS

Fix Theme Accessibility Issues Automatically
Tenably Labs recently announced a SAAS that aims to fix accessibility problems in Shopify themes without writing a single line of code. Does it work? I don't know - but the premise is intriguing!
The Changelog

Shopify API

Nothing to see here, which I suppose is a relief given all the announcements from last week.


Shopify Event - The Power of Data to Sell Smarter - 10/14/2021
Join Kurt Elster and others for a discussion about using data to sell smarter. Geared towards merchants, the information shared is sure to also benefit developers and agencies in their work helping store owners.

Virtual Meetup - Shopify Women's Network - 10/14/2021
The Shopify Women's Network is an online community that has been created by women for women working in eCommerce. The group has been designed to empower women to confidently use Shopify to grow their brands online.

Email Marketing AMA with Klaviyo Experts - 10/20/2021
​Ask Klaviyo experts @lovevalgeisler  & @KrisDaria all things email marketing. Questions on retention strategies, types of emails to send, when to start your holiday campaigns this year, how to promote your offers and more​


Freelance Shopify Developer, Remote
Voltage is looking to grow our development team. We are seeking remote freelance Shopify developers for the positions listed below.

Senior Backend Developer, Brooklyn
We’re looking for an experienced backend developer to join the Brooklinen team in Dumbo, Brooklyn. As our first dedicated in-house backend developer, you’ll lead the conversations about how to best approach and solve a wide range of business opportunities and cross-functional feature requests.

Shopify Developer, PT, US Based
Ansel is an agency looking for a part-time developer within the USA to focus on developing Shopify store themes. Any experience in CRO, HTML, Javascript and PHP is going to help. Email [email protected]
Tip of the Week

Properly display order notes

Here's a brief snippet courtesy of Matt Magi from Voltage New Media showing how to properly display order notes that deals with newlines and empty values

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