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#8 - October 5th, 2021

Liquid Weekly

The newsletter by and for Shopify Developers

Karl Says

I started this newsletter to help equip and educate Shopify developers.

Recently I got to know Matt Sodomsky and am stoked about how his app, Mechanic, impacts Shopify development.

Mechanic is often described as Shopify flow on steroids. It's a workflow automation platform with 300 automations ready to go.  Mechanic is also a complete Shopify development platform that replaces the need for many public and custom apps.

Check it out and see if it might benefit your work as a Shopify developer.
News & Articles
Mechanic - Scaling with Eventbridge
Learn how the Shopify integration with Amazon EventBridge is helping one app developer to manage webhooks better and grow his app business.

Macbook M1 Review
I've heard good things about the M1. Here's a video review of a developer who has put in a long number of hours with the machine and shares his candid thoughts.

Shopify Made Patterns in Rails Apps
Learn about some workarounds and automation that were created to support large Rails codebases at Shopify.

Vue.js debugging
I ran into a doozy of a bug while doing some Vue.js development on a Shopify project recently. While ultimately it wasn't an issue with Vue, these tips on debugging can save you a ton of time when things go south.
Code & Tools

Linked Options Code
Here's a gist containing code to help when implementing linked variant options. Be sure to read through the comments for the latest ideas and updates as people continue to improve on Caroline's original ideas.

Guide to Customizing Checkout (Plus Only)
Merchants on the Shopify Plus plan can customize the checkout page. I recently used this capability to deploy some custom form validation logic to fix an error with a client's ERP system hating on fields that exceeded a certain size. Read about some of the opportunities available.
The Changelog

Shopify API

This has been quite the week for API changes. At my latest count there are over 14 new announcements. For brevity's sake I will simply list and link them all here

New - Payment Terms API
New webhook to notify when a billing attempt is 3DS-challenged
Removed 'full' permission on User resource ACTION REQUIRED
Bulk product resource feedback API now available
Origin address property in the REST Fulfillment resource

Improvements and changes coming to the Storefront API
New fields in TranslatableResourceType enum
New field on the CustomerPaymentMethod object
New field on the Order object
New property on Fulillment.line_item object
New webhook topic notifies when a Bulk Operation has finished
New `type` field for the `BulkOperation` GraphQL object
`customerPaymentMethodGetUpdateUrl` mutation for Customer payment methods is now available
Contextual pricing for products is now available in the GraphQL Admin API
New Stripe PaymentTokenType for Storefront API


Preload key resources with the preload_tag filter
This has been quite the week for API changes. At my latest count there are over 14 new announcements. For brevity's sake I will simply list and link them all here


Checkout URL query parameters no longer contain customer details
Customer details no longer appear in checkout URLs. Features that resulted in this behavior like cart permalinks should continue to function as normal.
SEPTEMBER 28  2021

New form to report violations of Shopify's Partner Program Agreement
You can now directly report violations of our Partner Program Agreement, instead of contacting Shopify Partner Support.

Shopify Event - The Power of Data to Sell Smarter - 10/14/2021
Join Kurt Elster and others for a discussion about using data to sell smarter. Geared towards merchants, the information shared is sure to also benefit developers and agencies in their work helping store owners.

Virtual Meetup - Shopify Women's Network - 10/14/2021
The Shopify Women's Network is an online community that has been created by women for women working in eCommerce. The group has been designed to empower women to confidently use Shopify to grow their brands online.


Shopify Developer, PT, US Based
Ansel is an agency looking for a part-time developer within the USA to focus on developing Shopify store themes. Any experience in CRO, HTML, Javascript and PHP is going to help. Email C[email protected]

Shopify Front End, Junior, Remote, Canada, FT
Iamota is an official Shopify Plus Agency Partner. We collaborate closely with the Shopify Plus team and Shopify Plus App Partners to help enterprise merchants succeed in ecommerce.

Full Stack & Backend Engineer, Remote
Govalo, a fast paced early stage Shopify app startup led by Kelly Vaughn and Rhian Beutler is hiring! Here's your chance to be part of something awesome.
Solicitation of the Week

Looking for the next 'Slice of Life'

Last week featured a Developer Slice of Life.

Marianne, a developer from Portugal, shared about her typical day as a Shopify developer. To date it's been our most popular content by count of clicks.

I'd like to continue to do these but to do so requires others who would be willing to share a few paragraphs.

Are you willing to share about your typical day?

If you are interested please reach out to me at [email protected]

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