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Hello there! 👋

How's your Monday going? :)

My last week was hectic since I had an exam. I am one of those people who binge-watch video lectures before exams. June was a month where I didn't find inspiration to study for my exams but I did explore a lot of interesting things.

My goal for this month is to publish more articles, create more comics and digital paintings, tweet more, and generally hit that publish button more.

Last week I made my first Racket with Reddy. It's about how you should always have a Plan B when building, engaging, and owning your audience. I had so much fun doing this! ❤

The main theme of my Racket session is owning an audience. I do it with a tool called EmailOctopus. This has already been mentioned before, but I think it is worth repeating again.

3 reasons why you should start a newsletter or build an email list today:
  • You don't have to fight algorithms to reach your readers. You can't be *banned*.
  • You can be more personal with your readers.
  • You get to meet interesting people & this will open you up for opportunities.
All of this is made possible with EmailOctopus!

Also, I partnered up with them! So, here's a word from our sponsor:

Follow Vidya's footsteps and create your own newsletter with EmailOctopus. It's free for your first 2,500 subscribers with everything you need to grow and engage your audience. What curiosities will you feed?

Curious Pick 🔮
Typedream - Type & Publish Your Dream Site 🌈
Typedream is a No-Code site builder, easy as Notion, pretty as Webflow. 

No-Code tools are quickly becoming people's favourite and most of them are overwhelmed by choices on what to choose. Well, here's another tool that would make your life easier! Sorry to add this to your never ending "no-code tools to try" but you cannot miss out on this! :)

👍 Advantages of building things with Typedream:
  • Familiar Notion-like interface.
  • Learning curve is definitely lower compared to Webflow.
  • Comes with all SEO benefits.
  • Built-in templates / sections for SaaS Landing Pages, Portfolios, etc.
🛠 Check out what people built with Typedream:

I love the Showcase and Marketplace where you can find inspiration from other builders. You can also "Duplicate" them from Marketplace! These are my favourite so far:
  1. Personal Website, Reimagined.
  2. Cambrean.
  3. Notion Journal.
👎 Limitations:

I'm sure they'll be working on these features soon but here are my quick observations. I'm yet to explore more but I think you can solve these for now by using their 'embed code' feature.
  • No direct integration with database tools like Airtable
  • No integrations with popular ESPs like MailChimp, EmailOctopus, MailerLite
✨ Similar websites to explore:
  • Unicorn PlatformSimplest drag & drop landing page builder for startups, mobile apps, and SaaS. 
  • SoftrThe easiest way to build Internal Tools, Client Portals, and more with Airtable.
  • CarrdSimple, free, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything.
The Good Stuff ⚡
1. 5 Unconventional Goal Setting Methods to Try
5 minutes | Fadeke

How many of you have a list of goals that are gathering dust RIGHT NOW? Radical change often requires a radically different mindset.

Fadeke explains 5 unconventional ways to set goals in order to avoid yet another "unaccomplished goals" list. My favourite will always be "Anti-Goals". What's yours?

I think this might be interesting to you too. One of the goals discussed in this post is the idea of considering "no goals"!

➡ Read the post

2. Creative Habit Generator ✨ 

Kyleigh is one of my favourite builders. Like many others, she too dreamed of becoming an Indie Maker. She did not make any progress until she decided to commit ~30 minutes to build something, every single day. It has made all the difference!

8 months later she launched her first product on Product Hunt and won the Product Hunt Maker Grant!

Become the creator you want to be by focusing on creative habits. But, how?

That's where Creative Habit Generator comes to rescue you and me!

Say you want to become a writer, the generator prompts you to:
  • Connect with another writer once a week
  • Tweet about my writing once a day
  • Write for 10 minutes every day
  • Journal every morning before opening computer
  • Take 1 walk a day without phone
You can add yours to this list and paste it wherever you spend the most time so you don't forget them. Find out yours! 👇

➡ Visit Website

Interesting Read
3. 10 Fill-In-The-Blank Headlines You Can Use To Create Effective Content
3 minutes | Josh Spector

Josh Spector insists on providing value to your reader every time you post something. That's what makes them keep coming back to you.

Honestly, that's one of the reasons why I don't like to miss out on his new blog posts or newsletter issues. I get "something" every time I read one of his posts or tweets.

This article will help you do 3 things:

• Generate ideas for effective articles, social media posts, videos, or podcasts.
• Write headlines and titles that will capture your target audience’s attention.
• Provide specific value to your target audience.

Read the post

Free Stuff
4. Get 100% OFF on your favourite Udemy Courses!

Udemy is one of the go-to websites to learn about specific topics from course creators. Unlike MOOCs on Coursera or edX, these courses are created by individual content creators like you and me.

As of 2020, there are more than 100,000 courses on the website. However, most of them are costly to enroll.

Here's a website that offers 100% discount on newly launched Udemy courses. These are shared by Udemy instructors themselves to encourage students to enroll in their newly launched courses. Find your favourite course and enroll now.

Currently, there are 8467 active coupons. 🎁

Visit Website
Shout-outs 📢
1. Start Writing - Free workshop! Find out how to start freelance writing and go from "maybe I'll write someday" to "I just got paid to write about podcasts."

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3. FeedLetter - Wanna know what your readers truly thinking about your newsletter? With FeedLetter, you can, and they'll tell you if it's hot or not. Start now for free!
Bonus Content 🎁
  1. The World's Worst Boss by Seth Godin.
  2. Three Unfair Advantages That Made Me $10K in 6 Months as a New Freelancer.
  3. Four Templates You Can Use Right Now to Improve Your Articles.
  4. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Oprah Winfrey All Use the 5-Hour Rule.
  5. Dorik - Create beautiful sites without code!
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