FANs are voting on City of Austin propositions, I-35 expansion, redistricting, and Muny redevelopment.
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Propositions and Resolutions

FANs are voting on resolutions and the upcoming City of Austin propositions:
  • City of Austin Proposition A (police budget)
  • City of Austin Proposition B (parkland swap)
  • IH-35 TxDOT expansion and community alternatives
  • Redistricting priorities
  • Dense, mixed-use redevelopment for Muny and UT properties
The language for the resolutions is on the FAN Votes page. The deadline to vote is Thursday, October 7th at 6 pm.

If you are already a FAN member, you should have received a ballot. If you are not a FAN member, you may join (free), and you'll receive a ballot shortly thereafter.
I-35 Resources and Opinions

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) plans to expand I-35 through central Austin. At the same time, several alternative concepts have emerged from the community, including Rethink35 and Reconnect Austin.

Several groups have come out strongly against TxDOT's expansion plans, with recent statements from the Downtown Austin Neighborhood Association (DANA) and the Pedestrian Advisory Council (PAC) and Bicycle Advisory Council (BAC).

The Austin Chronicle also recently published an op-ed by former city council member and FAN member Chris Riley, in which he argues strong against TxDOT's plans, provides some historical perspective, and draws attention to how common it is to route highways around cities rather than through them.
Next FAN Board Meeting

e30122aa-2fcd-4df0-85ec-180d5e28cfef.png  Google Meet
Thursday, October 21, 2021 at 6:30 pm

At FAN board meetings, the discussion includes such topics as membership updates, brand and communications updates, and neighborhood improvement initiatives.

FAN board meetings are are open to all members of FAN and the public. View minutes of past meetings here.
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