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:: 04·24·2021 ::

Expiring Domains

GoDaddy Auctions: | Auction ends on May 3rd.

Idea: Move to the beach, & become a scuba instructor. Or create a scuba instructor marketplace, & charge for premium listings. | Auction ends on May 3rd.

Idea: Same as above, but for lawyers in Denver, Colorado | Auction ends on May 1st.

Idea: Sell dinghy's on the internet. | Auction ends on April 29th.

Idea: Teach people how to legally grow hemp in their homes, or businesses. Charge monthly fee. Or make YouTube channel & monetize.

NameJet / Snapnames Auctions: | 6 days remain to place backorder.

idea: Move to NYC or DC (or anywhere) and provide boutique museum tours.

Pending Delete: | Pending Delete | 15 hours remain to place backorder on NJ/Snap, Dropcatch, etal

idea: Train folks on how the world of crypto works. Charge one-time, or monthly access.

Dad Joke:

Are people allowed to laugh loudly in Hawaii?

Or just a low ha?

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Do you own a premium domain name, and looking to joint-venture with a developer to build it out? Reply to this email, and submit  1-5 .com domains. If they're a match, I'll consider adding to the GDDO newsletter free of charge.

Here's hoping all domains are developed one day ...

- Peter Askew   |

   Worth Noting   

Regarding expiring domains, please note original owners may renew a domain before the auction completes, so there may be cases where a domain fails to sell, and its auction cancelled. This is normal (albeit rare), and to be expected from time to time. Also, caveat emptor applies to all domain name suggestions. I highly suggest you utilize to ensure the domain you consider is trademark free.

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