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:: 03·17·2021 ::

Expiring Domains

GoDaddy Auctions: | Auction ends on March 21st.

Idea: Teach online classes on digital photography on smartphones. Lighting, editing, photoshop, etal. Charge for premium access. | Auction ends on March 24th.

Idea: Build a super-simple embeddable donation application. Monetize via yearly fee or % of transaction? | Auction ends on March 26th.

Idea: Source & curate independent coffee roasters & sellers. Or create a YouTube channel tasting same providers. | Auction ends on March 24th.

Idea: Create a middleman service that collects lightly used toys and donates them to kids in need. 

Private Inventory | NameJet | Auction ends on March 19th | Reserve range: $2,501 - $5,000

Idea: Build a lead generation website for the spiral staircase industry, and source leads to installers across the world.

Joint Venture Opportunity (also own | Open to joint venture

Idea: Build a comprehensive charter yacht directory / marketplace for the multi-million dollar charter yacht rental industry.


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Do you own a premium domain name, and looking to joint-venture with a developer to build it out? Reply to this email, and submit  1-5 .com domains. If they're a match, I'll consider adding to the GDDO newsletter free of charge.

Here's hoping all domains are developed one day ...

- Peter Askew   |

   Worth Noting   

Regarding expiring domains, please note original owners may renew a domain before the auction completes, so there may be cases where a domain fails to sell, and its auction cancelled. This is normal (albeit rare), and to be expected from time to time. Also, caveat emptor applies to all domain name suggestions. I highly suggest you utilize to ensure the domain you consider is trademark free.

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