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Full-time meme creators

Last week one of our favourite teams, Zapier, announced they were hiring a freelance meme creator

What a time to be alive. You can literally be paid by the meme. And paid well. 

The world of work is changing so rapidly it feels hard to keep up at times.

If you want to join me down the rabbit hole, here are a few future of work observations from last week:If this emerging world of meme creators, pixel artists, DAOs, DAMNs and Web 3 sounds crazy then fear not. We are living in an NFT summer and not all of these crypto-based ideas will pass the test of time. 

Whilst it's fun to keep one eye on the future it's more important to stay grounded in present day opportunities. All the companies we feature this week are still searching for "traditional" roles across sales, marketing, support, design  development and people teams.

This week we also interviewed Colin Treseler, Supernormal founder. Colin is building a tool that is perfect for remote teams, enabling you to send asynchronous video updates throughout the day 👇

Interview with Colin Treseler, Co-founder of Supernormal
  • Tell us about what you do and where your team is located. 
    We're building the platform that one click records your meetings. We want to help you get more from your meetings. We are spread across Europe, South and North America. 
  • What's a modern benefit you offer your team that isn't mainstream yet?
    We are completely remote, flex on hours and focus on breaking our work up into small bites. This enables any team member to pick up where another left off. 

  • Tell us about your approach to meetings vs async communication? 
    We meet once a week as a team on Google Meet. Everything else is async first, with one on one syncs when needed to collaborate in real time. 
  • What's your favourite tool for remote collaboration? 
  • Can you give us one prediction for the future of work? 
    Hybrid work is here to stay and will require teams to capture their communication, ideas and work in ways that are easily shareable to colleagues. 

Latest forward-thinking companies and job opportunities 👇
YouTrust: A hotel reputation management software platform.

19 current openings across every department.
  • Remote friendly 💻 - 130 employees from over 25 countries working together all around the globe.
  • Trusting managers 🦸‍♀️ - Value open communication, low hierarchies, fast decision processes, and inspiring new ideas,.
  • Flexible schedule 🗓️Everyone has their own rhythm, you are in charge of your own schedule in order to get things done.
SourcegraphOne universal tool to learn, find, and fix across all the code you care about. Any host, any repo, any language.

​​30 current openings across every department One universal tool to learn, find, and fix across all the code you care about. Any host, any repo, any language.
  • Work from anywhere 🌎 - All teammates are encouraged to work remotely. 
  • Generous parent leave 👨‍👩‍👦 We provide 16 weeks of paid parental leave.
  • Async communication 💬 - We work asynchronously across time zones and continents.
  • Light meetings 🤝 - We try to limit the number of synchronous meetings.
Cogsy: The inventory optimization solution for growth-focused retail brands.

current openings in Engineering and HR
  • Work from anywhere 🌎- Work whenever and wherever your work best.
  • Trusting managers 🦸‍♀️ - We trust you to solve challenges the way you feel is best. Count on the rest of the team to support you when you need, but never micromanage you.
  • Company retreats ✈️ Week-long team retreats in fun locations.
CareMessage: The largest patient engagement platform for underserved populations in the United States.

4 current openings in Engineering and Customer Success
  • Work from anywhere 🌎 - Our team members work wherever they like — their home, favourite coffee shop, or on the beach.
  • Flexible schedule 🗓️ - Work during the hours that best suit your lifestyle.
Veevais a cloud-based software for the global life sciences industry.

50+ current openings in every business unit
  • Work from anywhere 🌎  Work where it’s best for you.
  • Transparent salaries 💰 When an employee moves within a country it does not cause a change in salary.
Chili Piperis scheduling software for B2B revenue teams.

16 current openings in Content, CS, Engineering, Marketing, Partnerships and People Ops
  • Work from anywhere 🌎  Team members can work from wherever they want in the world, as long as they show up on our weekly all hands meeting on Zoom.
  • Company retreats ✈️ -  We celebrate company milestones with exciting company trips to get together and have fun.

Tools & Resources 🔧

  • The Generalist - newsletter from Mario Gabriel that helps you understand how technology is changing the world. This is a must read for me, if you want to stay ahead of important trends.
  • Beseda - end meetings for all and send a video or audio instead. 

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