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Hello there! 👋

Happy Monday! :)

I'm not sure how many crazy weeks I had since 3 months now, lol. But last week was one among them and I realized I'm definitely juggling too many things at a time. I plan to take some rest this week & do some birthday shopping. 🙂

I never really gifted myself anything for my birthday, but this time I'm planning something. Have you ever gifted yourself for your birthday? I'd love to hear some stories from you!

Last week's issue received some love through emails and coffees, thanks to all of you who push me to be better every week! Today, we will learn about a unique Bookmark tool, How to keep track of quality content, Find best tools on the internet, and few resources to be creative with your copy and design.

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Curious Pick 🔮
Bkmark: Tidy up your bookmarks 🔖
Bkmark - When you find something on the web you love, save it in Bkmark.

As a reader of Curious Bunch, I know you like to go down rabbit holes and find interesting links. What happens once you find that interesting link? You save it as a bookmark. And, then? Sadly, most of these links are lost to the bookmark graveyard.

Let's change that with Bkmark!

👍 Advantages of using Bkmark:
  • Unlimited bookmarks on Free plan.
  • You can organize your bookmarks into collections and share it with your friends. This is one of my favourite features!
  • Browser extension to save links with a shortcut.
  • Save Twitter threads by tagging their Twitter account. How cool is that?
  • Comes with affordable plans if you're a Creator or have a Team.
  • Save links from meetings and emails.
  • Slack, Notion, and GitHub integrations are in active development.
  • Find your bookmarks instantly with their advanced search tool.
  • Password-protected Collections.
  • Unlimited Tags and they are AI-powered!
Browse through their full feature list on their pricing page.

🛠 Check out how a public collection looks like on Bkmark:
  • Boris Tane's Bookmark Collections - Bootstrap Library, Essays, Music for programming, Freebies, Internet Gems, and more.
  • Harish Garg's Bookmark Collections - GPT-3 Resources, Inspiring Startup stories, Podcasts.
  • Calin Drimbau's Bookmark Collections - Startup lessons and Essential Product reads for startups.
✨ Similar websites to explore:
  • Pocket - Put knowledge in your Pocket.
  • Instapaper - Save Anything. Read anywhere.
  • Lxi - Let your bookmarks organize themselves.
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The Good Stuff ⚡
Interesting Reads
1. Alias - Notifications for the people you love

I've always wanted to get updates from my favourite writers, best investors, researchers in AI, and many others, whenever they publish a new article, a video, or a podcast.

Following their socials to keep up-to-date with all their activity quickly became overwhelming. Alias solves that! How? Check it out below.

➡ Visit Website

2. How To Learn Stuff Quickly
10 minutes | Josh Comeau

It's often said that the internet has democratized education: the sum of human knowledge is only a Google search away! And yet, having access to information is only half of the story; you also need to be able to convert raw information into usable skills.

In this post, Josh talks about Guided Learning, Unguided Learning, and how you can learn stuff quickly!

➡ Read the post

3. Uneed

The best tools of the internet, curated by hand daily.

If you're a tool junkie (like me), you're going to love this!

➡ Visit Website

4. Flow Club

Feel good getting work done. Join founders, builders, and operators in virtual co-working sessions designed to drop you into flow.

➡ Visit Website

5. Design Junction

A one-stop resource library for Designers and Creatives with curated list of best resources handpicked from around the web. It has over 70+ resources and is updated weekly. 

Visit Website

6. Headline Analyzer

Have you ever wondered if your Headline is eye-catchy or click-worthy?

Every blog post or a tweet thread deserves a click-worthy headline. Use this analyzer to study your headlines and get that much deserved attention for your content.

Visit Website
Shout-outs 📢
1. Mind Upgraded - Your weekly dose of time-tested, actionable ideas and insights on how to unlock new levels of focus, energy and cognitive peak performance. Join 300+ cognitive explorers!
Bonus Content 🎁
  1. Untools - Tools for better thinking.
  2. How to develop your talent stack.
  3. Ella's FREE Original Notion Templates.
  4. Ideas That Changed My Life by Morgan Housel.
  5. Reflect: Think Better 🧠
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