Petite-vue is a great tool
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#6 - September 21th, 2021

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Karl Says

I recently started a new theme project with enough complexity to justify taking a little time researching some new libraries for my 'toolbelt'

During that process I discovered alpine.js and petite-vue - two great ways to manage a bit of reactivity and state in a small package. (see below for a few links)

Drop me a line if you've used either of them yourself, I'd love to hear about it.
News & Articles
Version Control for Shopify Themes
Ah version control - I remember the good old days of floppy disks and copying entire directories. Life's gotten a lot better since those dark days. Read about some recommend strategies for how you can apply version control to your theme development

Shopify Fulfillment Orders API
Learn how you can use Shopify's Order Fulfillment API to create a better fulfilment experience for your merchant clients, no matter how or where they fulfill orders.

Introduction to petite-vue
In the same spirit of alpine.js but in alignment with Vue, petite-vue  is an alternative distribution of Vue optimized for progressive enhancement. Follow along with this gentle introduction to learn more.

A Pattern for Alpine.js Components in Shopify Themes
Mike shares his approach for constructing Alpine.js components for use in Shopify theme development. What's your take - is this a good approach? Add your comment to his gist.

Learning to Say No
As Kelly puts it when you're saying no to others, you're saying yes to yourself.
Check out her sage advice for entrepreneurs on this and a wide variety of topics.

Why you Can't Go Faster than the Speed of Light
I mean, it's not development related per se, but you gotta be honest - haven't you always wondered?  Well now you can know!

Code & Tools

Use Toxiproxy to Simulate Network Conditions
Toxiproxy was made specifically to work in testing, CI and development environments. It is the tool you need to prove with tests that your application doesn't have single points of failure.

Lint your Gemfile
Don't fall prey to malicious library packages! This tool will find common spelling mistakes in gems and remote sources so that you don't accidentally download code from places that you don't mean to.

The Changelog

Shopify Platform

Updates to our Partner Program Agreement
Check out the updated terms related to the new revenue sharing plan for theme developers
SEPTEMBER 15  2021

Shopify API

Developer preview: Fulfillment service SKU sharing
Fulfillment service apps will have the ability to stock and fulfill product variants alongside a merchant's locations.

Increasing the app block limit from 10 to 25 for theme app extension
Shopify has increased the maximum number of app blocks supported in theme app extensions from 10 to 25

New fields on the GraphQL Admin API's Shop object
You can now query merchantApprovalSignals on the Shop object to determine whether a merchant is pre-verified for onboarding to channel apps.

Fulfillment Order has a new `fulfill_by` field
Merchants selling on multiple channels are unable to tell how long they have to fulfill a multi-channel order in Shopify to be compliant with the fulfillment policies of the channel

Subscription offers for post-purchase is now available
Shopify’s post-purchase checkout extension now supports subscriptions offers.
SEPTEMBER  20 2021


Shopify Front End, Junior, Remote, Canada, FT
Iamota is an official Shopify Plus Agency Partner. We collaborate closely with the Shopify Plus team and Shopify Plus App Partners to help enterprise merchants succeed in ecommerce.

Full Stack & Backend Engineer, Remote
Govalo, a fast paced early stage Shopify app startup led by Kelly Vaughn and Rhian Beutler is hiring! Here's your chance to be part of something awesome.

Senior Front-End, Remote

The Lunar / Solar Group builds superior marketing solutions for brands. They are hiring a Senior Front-End Developer
Tip of the Week

Using Alpine.js to add to the cart

Here's a cool tip from Mark Mead on how you can add to cart using Alpine.js
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