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Hello there! 👋

Podcasts are hot right now! 🔥

But, how do I know that I'm listening to the best podcast out there on a topic I'm interested in?

I've recently come across a Science podcast called A.I. Nation. It was great but I didn't know if it was the best.

Find That Pod is a free weekly newsletter that solves my problem. They curate the BEST podcasts on any given topic. Browse some of their lists of Best Podcasts here:
I've also partnered up with them for this week's issue. If you're a podcast listener, you don't wanna miss this one!

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Curious Pick 🔮
Oku: The companion app for your book shelf 📚
Oku Club - The companion app for your book shelf.

If you're tired of sh*tty User Experience of Goodreads, biased reviews, and the inability of Goodreads to re-invent itself, then Oku is for you! It's here to stay.

Join here if you're interested.

👍 Advantages of using Oku:
  • Simple and minimalistic UI & UX blew me away!
  • You can migrate all your Goodreads collections to Oku with just a few clicks.
  • You can browse what everybody is reading even without following them. Good chance to find something you might not otherwise come across.
  • It obviously has all the important features of Goodreads!
  • I love their 'Reading goal' feature.
  • You can create custom collections, i.e, Cook Books, Fiction, Non-Fiction, etc., for quick access.
  • You can publicly share your collections with others. Browse my collection here.
  • Love their dark mode!
  • Unlock personal statistics like Number of books, number of pages, Languages, Authors, and more.
  • They're serious about Data Privacy.
👎 Disadvantages of using Oku:
  • Their paid plan is not so affordable for readers like me. I'm not a regular reader. I wish they had a more affordable yearly plan.
  • The development process is really slow since it's an Indie team working on weekends and evenings. So, I cannot expect great features any time soon.
  • I wish they had 'Groups' or something where fans can join a group and participate in the discussion.
✨ Similar websites to explore:
  • Goodreads - The good ol' Goodreads to keep track of your books.
  • Anobii - Independent social network for book lovers.
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The Good Stuff ⚡
Tools 🛠
1. Building websites is easy!

A directory of 200+ resources to create websites. Here you will find assets, no-code platforms, templates, and some knowledge that's useful to build websites.

➡ Visit Website

2. Tilde - Free, instant meetings

Tired of the boring Google Meets and Zoom calls?

You should try this fun tool called Tilde. I just posted a message to our team slack and hopefully we will try it this week. 😄

➡ Visit Website
Interesting Reads 📚
3. The Opposite of Loneliness
2 minutes | Marina Keegan

I was moved by this heartfelt essay. I can't seem to get this out of my head for the past few days.

Keegan died in a car accident on Saturday. She was 22. It was written by her for a special edition of the News distributed at the class of 2012’s commencement exercises.

➡ Read the post

4. A Profession Is Not a Personality
5 minutes | Arthur C. Brooks

"Reducing yourself to any single characteristic, whether it be your title or your job performance, is a deeply damaging act."

Fundamentally, Marx’s reasoning of his opposition to capitalism comes down to something simple: happiness. He believed that capitalism made people unhappy by treating them as part of a machine in which the person is expunged and only productivity remains.

Throughout my entire life, I've never been able to stick with one job "title." I'm still proud of leaving my first job and trying my hand at several things as a freelancer. This article proves why your job title is not who you actually are.

➡ Read the post
Productivity 🚀
5. Useful Unknown Websites

Reddit is the ultimate rabbit hole. I challenge you to stop scrolling through this amazing thread. 😏

Few of my favorites I found here:
➡ Read the post

6. Warren Buffett’s “2 List” Strategy
2 minutes | James Clear

What do you want to accomplish by next year? By next 5 years?

You must be having at least 10-20 goals. This "2 List" strategy by Buffett might help you accomplish them faster than you can imagine.

➡ Read the post
Creativity 🎨
7. The Four Dirty C-Words of the Internet
5 minutes | Paul Jun

There are a lot of buzzwords going around right now. Four of them are: content, culture, community, and creator.

Building “a community that provides content to creators to champion the culture” is nice alliteration, but it’s not an idea. It’s word salad.

You might wanna dig into this if you don't wanna get fooled by companies or people when they use these buzzwords. Find out what they truly mean to you, as a reader.

Read the post

8. To be creative, practice.
8 minutes | Paul Jun

"Practice is more than just repetition of behavior—it’s a movement of energy that creates a fissure in us to reveal what’s within."

This post digs deep into what it means when people say "practice makes a man perfect" in the context of creativity. Traditionally, creativity is tied with inspiration and something that comes naturally to us. But, in most cases, that's not true at all.

The best musicians out there practice every single day. The best sports teams don't miss a single practice day. The best writers value consistency over motivation.

To be creative, practice.

Read the post

Introducing the "Growth" section. Whether it is your personal brand or your side project or your career, everyone eventually has to learn how to "grow". 📈

Growth 📈
9. 24 Concepts That Will Grow Your Audience and Business
5 minutes | Josh Spector

Josh Spector, one of my favourite creators, introduces us to 24 core concepts that will help you grow your audience and business.
  1. Focus on output, not outcome. 
  2. Create for someone, not everyone. 
  3. Self-promotion isn’t a selfish act.

Read the post
10. How to Promote Your Freelance Business in 10 Simple Steps
8 minutes | Afoma Umesi

Starting out as a freelancer can be nerve wracking. Besides figuring out what to write about and how much to charge, you may also struggle with finding recurring work. No one enjoys that feast-or-famine cycle of too much work one month and zero work the next month.

All the freelance writers who have a steady flow of work — or even a constant overflow — share one thing in common: they market themselves.

Learn these 10 steps to promote your freelance business and build a consistent personal brand.

Read the post
Shout-outs 📢
Bonus Content 🎁
  1. Tools I've explored so far.
  2. GrowthMarketer Weekly - A free newsletter that makes marketing enjoyable by keeping you informed of the latest marketing news, tools, and insights.
  3. 24 underrated websites.
  4. The Sample: Discover great newsletters outside your bubble.
  5. You Are What You Consume.

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