Team formation, pandemic precautions, coach and referee training 

What's next

New parent orientation Welcome to your AYSO adventure! Learn what AYSO is all about, and what to expect at new parent orientation, Aug 19 at 7pm on Zoom. For 4U/5U families, August 26 at 7pm on Zoom.

Kickoff dinner (outdoors) Join the coaches and referees on August 24 at 7 pm at Memorial Park in La Cañada for the kickoff dinner, socially distanced and outdoors. Sandwiches will be provided. Stay tuned for a RSVP form. Think of it as a masked ball, only less glamorous.

Updated COVID protocols Look for updated protocols later this week, regarding masks, vaccinations, and social distancing.

Better with friends

Safety comes first, so teams are being formed around school cohorts for 10U and 12U.

That's right.

Have a friend who wants to play? There's still time to register, especially if a parent can coach or referee. Sign up for the wait list and the Coach Staff will do their best to find them a place on a team. We usually are able to get everyone in, so long as you sign up soon. Hurry, so we can start building teams on August 14.


Have your kids' trousers become capris? Have they not worn shoes since last March? Bring your old but good soccer cleats & shinguards to the tent at Victory Park on opening day, and swap them for somebody else's old shoes.

You'll also need a ball and an enormous water bottle. You can repair an old, flat ball with an egg. Seriously. We tried it and it works. The syringe from Infant Tylenol fits into a standard ball inflation needle. Use that to squirt about half an egg white into the ball. Shake it vigorously, reinflate, and you're good to go!

Coach classes

Coach classes are online only, at Please complete the online training specific to your division (6U, 7/8U, 10U, 12U), plus online concussion, SCA, and Safe Haven over Zoom (not the online Safe Haven that the referees take). Zoom Safe Haven details will be sent to coaches by DCAs. Each age group will also have a Zoom coach meeting so you can learn tips specific to Region 13.

Referee classes

Sign up at Classes are a mixture of indoors and outdoors and masks are required for all participants.

There are many, many opportunities to take a referee class. See The ones at the Region 13 clubhouse are:

6U - 8U take the 8U Official Course, Aug 28 from 8 am - 12:15, Sep 2 from 6 pm - 10:15 pm, or Sep 8 from  6 pm -10:15 pm at the Clubhouse.

10U-12U take the online Regional Referee Training, and the in-person Regional Referee Online Companion on Aug 21 from 1 pm - 5, Aug 29 from 8 am - 12:15, Sep 4 from  8 am - 12:15, or Sep 7 from 6 pm - 10:15 at the  Clubhouse.

Superhero of the month 

Patrick Shopbell was introduced to AYSO when his twin boys asked him to coach their 6U team. As they graduated to 10U, Patrick jumped over to refereeing, and now joins your Region 13 board as the Referee Administrator. On refereeing, Patrick says, "I really enjoy the technical aspects of refereeing and being on the field with the players. And it's a great motivator to keep in shape! I am very much looking forward to finally being back on the fields this fall. See you out there!"

The Road to Fall Soccer

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August 5 Board meeting on Zoom, 7:15 pm
August 14 The refund deadline is extended to August 13. If you are going to drop, please do so before Aug 13, so teams can be formed on Aug 15.
August 15-19 Teams announced
Mid-August  Open house, New parent orientation
August 19  New parent orientation, 7pm - 8pm on Zoom
August 23 
4U/5U orientation
August 24 Volunteer welcome back dinner at Memorial Park in La Cañada
Sep 6  Last day to cancel and receive a partial refund
Sep 7-10  Practice starts
Sep 11 First day of games

The Sisterhood of Soccer

Region 13 is committed to growing the number of women who selflessly volunteer their time throughout the year to coach teams and referee games. As women, we approach this work differently and play an important role in our community. With this in mind, The Sisterhood of Soccer returns for 2021, a safe place for all female coaches and referees to gather and discuss anything on your mind -- from why we do it, to what we would like to change, and everything in between.

The Sisterhood of Soccer promotes women and girls' full participation in all aspects of soccer, by creating a space for support and mentoring of each other. To join the Sisterhood (men and boys are also invited), please write to Caroline Amicone at

Message from the Regional Commissioner

Are you apprehensive about coaching a soccer team for the first time?

For younger players, AYSO really is more about child development than soccer. Many of the 6-8U kids are still learning coordination, how to deal with feelings, figure out friendships, and this concept of being on a team. If you know kids, then you already know most of coaching.

Region 13 has new resources to teach the soccer part to kids, and especially resources for folks who aren’t familiar with soccer. Coaches will get an app where you can build practice plans for the entire season. You can customize them if you want, but following the standard playbook will give you a serviceable plan. And the big thing in coaching is really this idea of let them play, meaning that the game is the best teacher for kids, so even if your practice is 50% scrimmaging, that’s just fine, because the kids will learn and have a great time.

See you on the field,

Taj Chiu,
Region 13's Volunteer Commissioner and Soccer Mom

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