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#5 - September 14th, 2021

Liquid Weekly

The newsletter by and for Shopify Developers

Karl Says

I demolished an old deck this past week. It felt good to do something with my hands.

It was interesting to see the underlying structure of how it was built. Some places were solid, some way overbuilt (I'm looking at you, stairs), others - not so much. To be honest, in a lot of ways it reminded me of aspects of my code.

May the knowledge and perspectives found in this week's issue help improve the way you build code, or decks.

News & Articles
Update a Theme with Sections Everywhere
Feel like you are on the outside looking in with your non Store 2.0 legacy theme?  Don't worry - it's possible to upgrade even the dingiest code to take advantage of sections everywhere.

How to Hide Unavailable Variants
Here's a screencast showing how to hide unavailable or sold-out Variants in Shopify by using linked options.

Querying Strategies for GraphQL Clients
I'll just be honest - I haven't spent much time with GraphQL. But for those in the market for some GraphQL Client Querying Strategies (and I bet there's tens of you!) you are gonna LOVE this article.

Quitting Entrepreneurship, Getting a Job
As the author says, it's easy to find stories about people quitting their jobs to become an entrepreneur, but it's much harder to find stories about entrepreneurs who transition to becoming employees. Well, here's one such story to enjoy on this less frequently touted life transition.

How to Tear Down a Wooden Deck
Well I couldn't NOT include an article about deck demolition. There are many articles and videos to choose from on this topic. Enjoy your trip down the rabbit hole! 

Code & Tools

Generate Shopify UI Elements
It's four code generators in one! This site makes it easy to generate the liquid code for social icons, cart attributes, line item properties and methods of payment.

Building a Ruby Web App Using the Standard Library
Watch Maple build a simple web app in plain Ruby using only the Ruby standard library. It's a great way to better understand what goes on behind the scenes of many modern web frameworks.

What Theme Did You Use? (twitter) 
Join the twitter thread poll and share what theme you've recently been building with. Looks like Dawn is quickly gaining some tracking

The Changelog

Shopify App Store

Theme App Extension Requirement
All new app submissions to the app store must use theme app extensions


Shopify Front End, Remote, FT
Future Holidays is looking for a Shopify Developer who is creative, motivated, organized and inquisitive. This is a remote, full-time position.

Full Stack & Backend Engineer, Remote
Govalo, a fast paced early stage Shopify app startup led by Kelly Vaughn and Rhian Beutler is hiring! Here's your chance to be part of something awesome.

Senior Front End, Remote

Softlimit is a fully remote (though mostly NYC and LA based) design and development agency working with brands on Shopify Plus. We are hiring a Senior Frontend Developer with at least 3+ yrs experience working on Shopify.
Tip of the Week

Using a String as a Variable

Here's a cool tip from Robin Hamill on how you can treat strings as variables by using the [] operator
Screenshot of liquid code example
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