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Karl Says

I started this list for the fame and fortune, but I keep doing it for the people. This week I'm excited to share our next 'Slice of Life', Rossella!

Rossella's Slice of Life

I wake up at 8am, have breakfast and then go for a walk in the historic center of Bergamo (Northern Italy), where I currently live.

I am a partner in a Shopify agency with two other women, Silvia and Lavinia. We all work remotely and we don't have fixed office hours so I am free to organize my day as I want. I usually turn on my computer at 9, check Slack and emails and review my priority list. I work on a few different projects at the same time and I use Toggl to track the time spent on each task, so that we can provide a detailed breakdown to clients at the end of the month.

All my tasks are added to the Github repository I have setup for each project, so it's easy to see at a glance what to work on next. I also have a labeling system in each repository that flags which tasks are a priority and what is currently being reviewed by my teammates or the clients...

News & Articles

Testing Shopify Apps in Rails
Testing is important and when using Rails, it's essentially a no-brainer. Learn how Kirill overcame the peculiarities of working with Rails and Shopify to write integration and system tests.
Build a marketplace with Shopify
Add commerce to any platform with Shopify’s Marketplace Kit. This collection of APIs and documentation allows you to integrate with Shopify and build selected commerce features or a world-class marketplace on any surface.
Shopify's Linkpop - Connect and sell, with just one link.
Anyone else stumble upon this yet? Linkpop is Shopify’s free link-in-bio tool. Sync all your socials (Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, etc) with your Shopify store in seconds.
A Pragmatic Guide to Getting Things Done
GTD—or “Getting things done”—is a framework for organizing and tracking your tasks and projects. Its aim is a bit higher than just “getting things done”, though. Its aim is to make you have 100% trust in a system for collecting tasks, ideas, and projects

Code & Tools

Shopify Developer Community on Twitter
I'm all about growing developer communities - it's why I started Liquid Weekly! I recently came across another person after my own heart who had the foresight to create a Shopify Developer Community on Twitter. Don't be shy - come join the party!
Hiding products from search engines using metafields in Shopify
If you recall last week's Tip of the Week was about using metafields to hide resources from search engines. The amazing Ilana Davis has done a much more thorough write-up that will help you get the most out of this technique.
Label theme by Switch updated to OS 2.0
With OS2.0, Switch decided to give Label a much needed face-lift and rebuild it from the ground up. Focusing on OS2.0 features and doubling down on Label’s preset focus of music, fashion and books. New features include a fully fledged audio player on product pages and an audio preview on product grids as well as lots of video sections and the ability to feature product video as a full width highlight on product pages.
The Worst Programming Language Ever
Oh programming. It has it's joys and pains - whether you're writing Shopify theme code, back-end development or COBOL. Check out this interesting and funny take on working with programming languages.



Make images responsive with the new image_tag filter
The new image_tag filter outputs a responsive HTML img tag by default, allows adding arbitrary HTML attributes, and supports preloading.


New: Marketplace Kit
Shopify just released Marketplace Kit, a collection of APIs, components, and pre-built code snippets to add commerce features to any platform.


Front-End, Remote
Electric Eye is looking for a full-time Front-end Shopify Developer. Proficiency in the Shopify ecosystem is required. Typical tasks include Shopify theme development, general site maintenance, custom feature creation, troubleshooting, and QA; all working alongside the lead developer and project managers.
Senior Front-End, Remote
Progress Labs is looking for someone to work closely with the team and help our clients launch highly functional, often complex Shopify stores. Javascript framework experience is desired - bonus for Vue.js or React
Full-Stack Developer, Remote
Pixel Union is looking for a full-stack developer experienced with Node.JS and React to join our Apps team and write readable, extensible, performant code for their apps.

Tip of the Week

Two Tools for Generating Test Data

When working with theme or app development it's essential to have some good test data in your development store

Check out these two tools for quickly generating data so you can focus on development

First, a git repo full of high quality test data including images

If you are new to importing CSV data into Shopify, here's a gentle guide on how to get started

Second, an app by egnition.io that generates products with images, collections, customers & orders.