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#4 - September 7th, 2021

Liquid Weekly

The newsletter by and for Shopify Developers

Karl Says

I found it!

This weekend I went on a quest to find the fruit of the Pawpaw tree here in Ohio. After several disappointments my kids and I struck gold. And in true Ohio fashion, yes, there is a festival all about it.

I hope you find something delicious in this week's issue.
News & Articles
Shopify Software Market Map
I like maps. Imagine my delight when I ran across this 'map' of prominent Shopify software broken down by category. It's a great way to get a lay of the land and learn about apps and services that might help you with your next project.

Upcoming Breaking  Shopify API Changes
Starting on October 1st, Shopify will be introducing some breaking API changes. According to my calendar, that's about three weeks from now. Take a moment to see what's coming lest you be caught unawares - UNAWARES!!

Add Multiple Products With AJAX API
It used to be a P-A-I-N to add more than one item to the cart. Recently Shopify enhanced their AJAX API to address that. Here's a great article that goes in depth about how to take advantage of that change.

Burning Out and Finding Stability
Life has been, how shall we say, especially challenging the last year or two. Everyone copes in different ways and while written before current events, this article offers a descriptive take on one freelancer's dealings with burning out. Hearing others stories can be helpful as we seek balance in our own life.

Code & Tools

Decomposing a Rails Monolith at Shopify
I'm just gonna tip my hand here and say that I love working with Ruby and Rails. I also love hearing about what goes on behind the scenes on larger projects. This episode of the SourceGraph podcast sounds amazing.

How to Provide Theme Updates
Now that you can submit new themes to the Shopify theme store again it's a good time to brush up on the canonical methods for updating your public themes.

The Changelog

Shopify API

Liquid Support in Predictive Search API
You can now show predictive search results through a rendered section.
AUGUST 31 2021


Shopify Front End Engineer, FT, Remote
Netalico is hiring a Frontend Developer to work directly with its founder. This is a new position with a fun, fully remote team that offers the opportunity to work with a variety of e-commerce stores and make an impact on their business.

Shopify app developer (Rails + React)

Chargezen is a Shopify Partner looking to hire experienced Shopify app developer to make changes & updates to our new subscriptions public app.
Contact: [email protected]

Tip of the Week

Jump to a specific line in VSCode (and others)

Here's a simple yet helpful tip from Emma Bostian on Twitter to effortlessly jump to a specific line of code while editing in VSCode.
  • CMD + P
  • :XXX (where XXX is the line number)
Many editors support this feature with identical or near identical syntax.
Check the docs and get to jumping!

And if you are using the one true editor, vim, then you know it's just :XXX 😇

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