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#7 - September 28th, 2021

Liquid Weekly

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Karl Says

A recent subscriber replied with some great ideas for improving this email.

Starting with this issue we'll be featuring the occasional "Slice of Life" - an opportunity to hear about how other developers approach their work and organize their day.

Thank you Marianne for not only suggesting it but also volunteering to go first!
Read a snippet of her slice below and read the complete version online
Marianne Ferguson
Marianne's Slice of Life

I wake up at 7.30am, have coffee in front of the news and then head off on a 45 minute brisk walk with my husband. He's also a developer so it's a chance for us to discuss work and bounce around business ideas.

If I'm freelancing for a Shopify agency, I make sure I'm ready and at my home office by 10am sharp. I'm actually scarily regimented with my time when I'm freelancing, scheduling every hour into my calendar including breaks. I'll usually have a project management tool such as ClickUp or even a simple spreadsheet to track and prioritise my tasks, so that's my first port of call in the morning. I'll also check Slack and email to make sure I haven't missed anything that might affect the day's tasks...   

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News & Articles
So You Want to Mock an API
API mocking refers to the process of simulating the behaviour of a real API using a fake replacement. This article explores using API mocking to break development dependencies and facilitate testing against 3rd party APIs.

Display Related Products Powered by Vue.js
Display related or recommended products on a product page by using Metafields + Vue.js.

Verify Theme Support for App Blocks
Title says it all - here's Shopify's guide to verifying whether your theme supports App Blocks.

Diggin’ and Fetchin’ with TruffleRuby
Julie shares a fun story about a Ruby code refactoring that ends with a prototype solution that changes the language itself.
Code & Tools

CSS Grid Generator
Here's a nifty generator to help you get your CSS Grid On. This project helps generate a basic layout, allowing you to quickly get started with CSS Grid. Thanks Sarah!

Cart API Reference
While I'm sure most folks are familiar with this already, it might be a good idea to take a quick review of the Shopify Cart API for front end development. You might be surprised by what you find.
The Changelog

Shopify API

SMS Marketing Consent
You can use the GraphQL Admin API and REST Admin API to retrieve, add, and update a customer's consent to receive marketing material by SMS.


Virtual Meetup - Shopify Women's Network - 10/14/2021
The Shopify Women's Network is an online community that has been created by women for women working in eCommerce. The group has been designed to empower women to confidently use Shopify to grow their brands online.

Table Talk with Route - 9/30/2021
How million-dollar-a-year brands become 10-million-dollar-a-year brands with guest Chase Clymer from Electric Eye

Shopify Front End, Junior, Remote, Canada, FT
Iamota is an official Shopify Plus Agency Partner. We collaborate closely with the Shopify Plus team and Shopify Plus App Partners to help enterprise merchants succeed in ecommerce.

Full Stack & Backend Engineer, Remote
Govalo, a fast paced early stage Shopify app startup led by Kelly Vaughn and Rhian Beutler is hiring! Here's your chance to be part of something awesome.

Junior Front-End Developer (Support), Brighton UK, Remote

Safe As Milk builds themes and apps for the Shopify ecommerce platform and we are looking for a full time Junior Front-End Developer with a passion for solving problems.
Tip of the Week

Add a Christmas Countdown Timer with JS

Here's a little snippet for adding a countdown timer to your site. Perfect for showing time remaining until a shipping or holiday deadline.

function daysTo(year,month,day,days=0) {
  let hour = 0; min= 0; sec= 0;
  month = --month;
  let dateFuture = new Date(year,month,day,hour,min,sec);    
  let dateNow = new Date();                                                 amount = dateFuture.getTime() - dateNow.getTime()+5;
  amount = Math.floor(amount/1000);    
  return Math.floor(amount/86400) + 1;
Usage: daysTo(2021,12,25,0)

Thanks to Sensor Pro for the inspiration.
Be sure to check out their holiday messaging guide.

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