Afghanistan Humanitarian Evacuation: How you can help, what is being done and the extraordinary efforts of volunteers... 








Evoke International and our staff have worked and lived in Afghanistan for well over a decade, and during this time we have had extraordinary experiences and developed long-lasting friendships and deep to ties to this resilient nation. We have watched its relentless pursuit to grow, establish the rule of law and uplift its women and children. The last two weeks of mass evacuations and the change in governmental leadership have been difficult for the world to watch - especially for us. With so much of our hearts rooted in this nation, we, along with all of our colleagues and peers could not idly stand by and do nothing. We were not alone in this thinking and I am so proud of the groundswell of volunteers and sheer humanity that has come forward to create GoFundMe drives, collaborative networks, social media awareness and altered their charitable initiatives in the country to focus purely on the humanitarian evacuation. Military veterans have volunteered to pilot planes, aircraft have been privately chartered through fund raising efforts and brave Afghans on the ground have worked tirelessly to ensure vulnerable families and those who worked with the coalition are getting to the airport safely, receive food and supplies once at the gates and ensure they are manifested on flights and cleared. The sheer effort of people who have jumped in with both feet and spared no effort, time and energy has been deeply moving. 

We have been working with several organizations, utilizing our networks, resources and contacts to facilitate as much as we can to move people to safety and get them out of the country. Men and women from around the world have volunteered their time and resources to assist wherever they can, many of which haven't slept in several days in an effort to coordinate between evacuees, government officials, military forces and the new regime. 

Non-profit organizations like Future Brilliance (, No One Left Behind ( and Operation: On Wings of Eagles ([email protected]) are just a few of the absolutely incredible organizations that we have been working with to assist in any way that we can. These men and women are a testament to humanity and have quite literally dropped everything and are working 24/7 to assist in this effort to get everyone to safety. 

The situation remains a perilous one and changes hour by hour. It speaks to the resiliency and dedication of the veterans and contractors who have served in Afghanistan over the last 20 years, who have come together to create a coordinated system to ensure the Afghans who worked with the coalition, the vulnerable and the contractors still on the ground are safely evacuated from the country and returned home or given asylum in so many countries around the world. 

And while the the media ponders how we got to this place, I like many others, feel that this is a point that will be analyzed for decades to come, but what solely matters today is the situation at hand and how we and everyone else can help in doing what we can to assist in this humanitarian effort first and foremost. 

It is to date, our most important work - for us as individuals, our colleagues, our peers, the Afghan people and the world. 

We will endeavor to keep you posted, but please look into these and so many other reputable organizations who are assisting in the effort and help where you can. 

Together, we can achieve everything.

Leah T. and Team Evoke. 



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