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Once mobs work themselves into a frenzy, they can unleash a diabolical kind of energy.  It is not unlike the hunting behavior of sharks, who move in packs.  At first they coldly circle their prey, forcing them to exactly where they want them.  And then suddenly they rush in for a kill, all at once. It is then an incontrollable spectacle of teeth and eyeballs, thrashing around wildly and irrationally as they rip, tear, destroy and swallow whatever is trapped in the boiling turbulence of water and blood.  What do you get when you marry this kind of wild insanity to this kind of raw power?  A much larger pack of sharks.  A diabolical mob.

The political cartel in Washington’s House, Senate, White House, Department of Justice and Supreme Court is now behaving like a shark pack, testing their collective power.  

Controlling their prey with new laws, new regulations, new punishments, new selective arrests and prosecutions, they are now tasting what it’s like to work as a wild and irrational group of predators.  What we are seeing is a new Fellowship of Power.

What happened this week?  Some examples of elevated power intoxication: 

The FBI used a swat tactical team, armored vehicles, and armed troops to arrest man who attended the peaceful January 6 Capitol Hill rally, and to jail him indefinitely.  

38 states have hardened general-population mask mandates, with almost all the rest having mandates in their major cities.

A NYC Judge removed a 6-year-old from mother because the mom didn’t wear a mask outdoors while dropping the child off at school.  Dr. Micheline Epstein, a family physician, does not know where her daughter is being kept within the system.  

Another mom, Melanie Joseph, has been fighting with courts for the past year after her son was removed from her care over a Facebook photo in which she was not wearing a mask. 

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals held Thursday that high schools are within their rights to ban coaches from kneeling in prayer.

The House passed egregious federal power grabs in H.R.1., attacking states with laws which will not permit the states to conduct free and fair elections, giving legislators a cold-hearted boldness they have never enjoyed in American history.  They are no longer afraid of angry voters and pass whatever laws they want.   

The new Secretary of Defense has pledged to restructure the American military according to demands of LGBTQ militants.  He is leading a systematic effort to root out conservative opinion-holders who can now be classified as “extremists” if they oppose abortion or hold other traditional opinions.  

Other officials are following the lead of hard-left executive cabinet members, like California State Assembly Member Ash Kalra, who introduced a bill which would prohibit conservative police officers from serving if they have used arbitrarily defined “hate speech” or are affiliated with a “hate group.”  

As far away as the Canada and the UK, hard-left officials have joined the pack of magistrates who are morally degrading their nations and canceling inherited culture and morality.  A Canadian father has been jailed for referring to a 14-year-old daughter who believes she is a boy as “she” and “her.”

The Minneapolis City Council broke all legal convention and approved 13-to-0 a $27-million wrongful death civil settlement George Floyd’s family.  But how would they know would you know what’s rightful or wrongful death in a matter before the facts in the case have been adjudicated?  The case has yet to be tried, but higher taxes will be collected from taxpayers to pay for both the settlement and a lengthy trial. 

72 House Democrats joined Rep. Gomez in signing a resolution to cancel Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene and to force her out of office.    

House Democrats will not discipline members like California’s Eric Swalwell for allegedly compromising national security.  

And guess who is watching as America falls into irrationality?  All her enemies.  

In the autumn of 2020, the US Air Force held a simulated war game against China, set approximately 10 years in the future.  It began with a biological weapon that quickly dealt with America’s military bases and warships in the Indo-Pacific region.  In the gameplay, China staged a massive military exercise to veil a gigantic deployment of an invasion force.  The simulation culminated with Chinese missile strikes raining down on U.S. bases and warships in the region, and a lightning air and amphibious assault on the island of Taiwan.

China won, within a very short timeframe.


“One thing for sure is that this COVID hysteria is a godsend for the people that like to control other people. The public is as easily terrified as a herd of sheep. Like herd animals, they stupidly self-control by all conforming to the herd. COVID has transformed the US and Western Europe from lands of whipped dogs to lands of snitching rats.” Doug Casey


Putin has challenged Biden to an open, live, friendly, video conversation about world affairs, regional conflicts, and relations between Russia and the United States. The date? “Tomorrow,” (Friday, March 19) said Putin, “before I go to the forest to get some rest.”  The White House said Mr. Biden was “too busy.” 

Judge Laurence Silberman said the standard of acting with “actual malice” gave journalists and news organizations free rein to trample on people’s character.  “It allows the press to cast false aspersions on public figures with near impunity. It would be one thing if this were a two-sided phenomenon,” Judge Silberman, who sits on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, wrote in a lengthy dissent.


“I need men of valor. I need women of virtue. I need youth of passion. I need elders with heart. I need to surround myself with the one-percenters, the outliers. They need not be rich. They need not be famous. But they must be wise not trendy, they must be people of faith not fear, they must be solid not flighty.” Alan Stevo

“We can heal injustice by building a new world order based on solidarity, studying innovative methods to eradicate bullying, poverty and corruption.’” Pope Francis

The Union was formed by the voluntary agreement of the States; and these, in uniting together, have not forfeited their Nationality, nor have they been reduced to the condition of one and the same people. If one of the States chose to withdraw its name from the contract, it would be difficult to disprove its right of doing so.”   Alexis de Tocqueville

If any state in the Union will declare that it prefers separation... to a continuance in union... I have no hesitation in saying, 'let us separate.’”   Thomas Jefferson

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