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:: 12·31·2020 ::

Expiring Domains | NameJet/Snapnames | 6 days left to place backorder (then 3 day private auction)

Idea: Create a marketplace/directory of tax lawyers. Charge them a monthly/yearly fee to be listed. Drive them leads.

- | NameJet/Snapnames | 5 days left to place backorder (then 3 day private auction)

Idea: Start eCommerce site selling unique luggage tags. Eventually produce & sell your own bag tags.

- | GoDaddy Auctions | Auction ends in 1 day

Idea: Create a searchable database of all golf courses in the UK. Charge courses for inclusion, or for premium listing.

- | GoDaddy Auctions | Auction ends in 8 days

Idea: Create a free job board for nurses. Monetize through AdSense / Ezoic. Down the line, charge for premium listings.

- | GoDaddy Auctions | Auction ends in 6 days

Idea: For some reason, I think this would make a neat bumper sticker. So make bumper stickers & sell on the site : )

Private Domain Inventory ~ $988 | Visit landing page

Idea: Build a site & capture leads. Sell or forward leads to patent buying businesses. ~ $12,000 ask on Afternic | Visit

Idea: Build a specialized eCommerce website selling card tables of all sizes & specifications. Sell chairs as upsell. 

Here's hoping all domains are developed one day ...

- Peter Askew   |

   Worth Noting   

Regarding expiring domains, please note original owners may renew a domain before the auction completes, so there may be cases where a domain fails to sell, and its auction cancelled. This is normal (albeit rare), and the be expected from time to time.

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