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As we enter the home stretch in this remarkable campaign season, countless opportunities are coming to light, with another wave already forming on the horizon. Tired old ways of thinking (or avoiding thinking) are finally fading after generations of dominance and destruction. Systems dedicated to the promotion of those destructive approaches to life are cracking up and beginning to crumble before our eyes.

In an effort to seize some of the opportunities to teach and lead during this incredible time, we're continuing to work on new material for the Stand Up And Lead YouTube channel. This week we released a series of short clips taken from longer videos as a "bite size" way of introducing ideas and starting conversations. Here are some examples:

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How long can the medical establishment generate public fear?

“By keeping the population in a state of artificially heightened apprehension, the government-cum-media prepares the ground for planting specific measures of taxation, regulation, surveillance, reporting, and other invasions of the people's wealth, privacy, and freedoms. Left alone for a while, relieved of this ceaseless bombardment of warnings, people would soon come to understand that hardly any of the announced threats has any substance and that they can manage their own affairs quite well without the security-related regimentation and tax-extortion the government seeks to justify.

“Fear, like every other "productive" resource, is subject to the laws of production. Thus, it cannot escape the law of diminishing marginal productivity: as successive doses of fear-mongering are added to the government's "production" process, the incremental public clamor for governmental protection declines. The first time the government cries wolf, the public is frightened; the second time, less so; the third time, still less so. If the government plays the fear card too much, it overloads the public's sensibilities, and eventually people discount almost entirely the government's attempts to frighten them further.”  Dr. Gary North

Can Judges sort out the problems with voting arrangements?

“State governments may be the only way salvage, at least to some extent, the upcoming election. Since the Judicial Branches of the State and federal governments have no constitutional authority to change the decisions of the Legislative Branches respecting the “Times, Places and Manner” of federal elections; State Governments should instruct the Election Officials for their State that they must obey & enforce the election laws passed by their State legislature and not the usurpatious orders of judges. Judges have no constitutional authority to change what the State Legislatures do on this issue!  Article I, §4, cl. 1 provides that the power to set the “Times, Places and Manner” of voting in federal elections is delegated exclusively to the Legislative Branches of the State & Federal governments.  Publius Hulda


Is Judge Amy Barrett a threat to Obamacare?

“The Court has no duty, indeed it would be a severe dereliction of its duty, for the Court to let an unconstitutional law stand [like Obabacare] because some people might be adversely impacted by its legal undoing.  The Supreme Court does not exist to nurse-maid the citizenry; it is there to ensure Americans live under the rule of constitutional laws.”  Michael Sheurer


Who will win the election?

Because of massive mail fraud ballots showing up late, election results WILL be delayed. The deceptive Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook and the clearly biased Jack Dorsey at Twitter have already announced they will flag any posts or tweets that claim a victory for Trump. They KNOW Trump will have more than enough votes to win, but as Zuckerberg already told us, we should expect results to take “DAYS OR EVEN WEEKS.” In other words, Facebook and Twitter are well-aware of the planned mail-in voter fraud, and they’re already providing cover for it. The planned vote count confusion will be dragged out as long as possible. The Marxists’ intention is to keep confusion swirling at least until December 14 in hopes that the electoral college won’t be able to identify a winner. Expect ballots to keep showing up out of nowhere.  Daniel Bobinksi


What are the organized rioters doing outside the city limits?

It has never been about mere angry mischief.  It has been about the elevation of anarchy and the long-term destruction of economic wealth, including the food supply for the coming winter. 

We’ve seen urban businesses burn to the ground, but few photos of the rural sabotage of agriculture.  Vandals hang bolts from cornstalks in order to stop and destroy the combines.  In a more diabolical move, they place smaller bit of metal into cornstalks which will be ground into lethal shards of metal hiding in silage.  These are then later ingested by cattle causing painful deaths.  Malicious acts of arson at grain elevators not only burning millions of dollars of infrastructure to the ground, but destroying food for the winter and the seed for next year’s planting.


What is the war in Armenia all about?

Explains Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan, “We have not attacked anyone. Our actions …are only for self-defence. We have not and do not have the purpose to kill anyone. Our only purpose is to protect the Armenian people from another genocide. It is a self-defence purpose.”  Pashinyan is appealing to the West for help against a genocidal jihadist offensive from Turkey via Azerbaijan.


Will the senseless lockdowns continue?

“It is always a positive to have one gangster rat out another and this week we had the World Health Organization rat out its fellow gangsters by announcing that “lock downs” are the enemy of all countries and people; that the do not work; that they are on the verge of doubling the number of people in the world who live in poverty; and they have caused a worldwide “catastrophe.”  Michael Scheuer

“This is a terrible, ghastly global catastrophe actually. And so we really do appeal to all world leaders: Stop using lockdown as your primary control method, develop better systems for doing it, work together and learn from each other, but remember—lockdowns just have one consequence that you must never ever belittle, and that is making poor people an awful lot poorer.” WHO’s Special Envoy for Covid-19, Dr. David Nabarro

Will every vote at the polls be accurately counted?

A recent MIT study found that OmniBallot, a platform used to facilitate internet voting, could be hacked to alter votes without detection, according to University of Michigan computer science professor J. Alex Halderman.

Will another stimulus package help Americans, or only dilute the value of today’s dollar?

“Take somebody who worked in the steel mill 40 years, who was able to scratch and save and defer gratification. Let’s just say he came up with $300,000 of lifetime savings. He’s now retired. He needs to keep it liquid, but he’s earning less interest income per week than one cappuccino at Starbucks on a lifetime worth of savings.  That’s so evil.”  David Stockman, former head of the US Office of Management and Budget

These are the sorts of questions and subjects that we plan to explore in future videos and on the Stand Up And Lead Podcast, which you can check out by clicking here or on the graphic below.

“Each of 13 original state constitutions contained the recital: “All power residing originally in the people and being derived from them, the officers of government, whether legislative, executive, or judicial, are the peoples’ substitutes and are therefore at all times accountable to the people.”

“In a republican government, the legislative authority necessarily predominates.”

— James Madison, Federalist #51

“If the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law: it invites every man to become a law unto himself: it invites anarchy.”

— Justice Louis Brandeis

“If the moral character of a people once degenerate, their political character must soon follow…. These considerations should lead to an attentive solicitude…to be religiously careful in our choice of all public officers… and judge of the tree by its fruits.”

— Elias Boudinot, (President of Continental Congress), 1793

“I can see little consistency in a type of Christian activity which preaches the Gospel on the street corners and at the ends of the Earth, but neglects the children of the covenant by abandoning them to a cold and unbelieving secularism.” 

J. Gresham Machen

That God sees what is going on in today’s nations and has a just opinion about it.

Jer 10:10  But the LORD is the true God; He is the living God and the everlasting King. At His wrath the earth quakes, And the nations cannot endure His indignation. 

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