🤔 How to work only 5 hours a day & Lessons to unlearn!
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Hello there! 👋

I finally reached 1,000 subscribers last week and you're literally the reason why I'm so happy right now! Thank you! 🤩

For context, this is how 1,000 people would look like in a room. A full theatre! 🥳

In our previous issues, I've noticed that you were curious about finding interesting podcasts. Let me introduce you to a few more!

I'm a sucker for good historical facts. It is so easy for me to lose myself in a museum or try to make sense of ancient texts. This recent issue by Find That Pod highlights "The History of China". There is no doubt that this land and people have a 5,000 year history.

Read the issue here.

Also, I partnered up with them! So, here's a word from our sponsor:
Find That Pod
Finding great podcasts is hard. Subscribe to Find That Pod - A weekly newsletter bringing you five great new podcasts to discover.

Curious Pick 🔮
Paper Website: Start a tiny website from your notebook. ✍🏼
Paper Website
Paper Website: A new way to build websites with pen & paper. Write more content with less distractions.

It's as simple as they advertise.
  1. Write: You journal or write in your notebook,
  2. Snap: Click a picture with your phone,
  3. Publish: And upload it on Paper Website.
Boom! You got a live blog. But, wait there's more!

👍🏻 Advantages of using Paper Website:
  • All you need is a good ol' Pen & Paper to start and run a blog. I mean, what could be more easier than that to stay committed to your #100DaysWriting challenge or #NaNoWriMo challenge?
  • Not just that, it comes with tons of good features like Live hosted website, Free Domain Name, a free Camera App, SEO, Newsletters, and more!
  • There's also Google Analytics integration so you can track metrics and build your empire with actionable data.
  • You can always edit your content using Paper Website Editor.
  • Currently, they've a sale going on...so go check it out!
  • You can start today for the price of a coffee. ☕

✨ Browse websites made with Paper Website:
👎🏻 Disadvantages of using Paper Website:
  • It's pretty new in the "blogging" sphere. So, I'm not sure how reliable it is for serious bloggers.
  • Not too many blogs are listed on their "Showcase" section. I'd prefer to see more use cases for this type of tool before trying it out.
  • I wish there was a free-trial option. With any new disrupting tools like this one here, I'd like to know more about what it can offer me before I give them my money. But, I also understand why they might wanna acquire more serious users in the beginning.
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The Good Stuff ⚡
Tools 🛠
1. Storipress: Discover the site builder designed for publishers.

Whether you're a blogger or the New York Times, Storipress brings content, design and editorial teams together.

I love their "editorial calendar" view. If you're a serious blogger or writing a publication, don't miss this!

➡ Visit Website

2. 12Ft. - Remove any paywalled content.

"Ugh, not again! 🙄"

How many times have you uttered those words when you opened a Medium link and realized you exhausted their "free" articles for that month?

Use 12Ft. to bypass paywalled content.

How? More info here. 👇🏼

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Interesting Reads 📚
3. Top 5 regrets of the Dying.
1 minute | Paul Graham

Ever wondered about the regrets of people who are on their death beds? You don't have to anymore.

"If you had to compress them into a single piece of advice, it might be: don't be a cog."

Read how Paul Graham, Founder of Y Combinator, turned these top 5 regrets into his top 5 commands which he then put on top of his todo list.

➡ Read the post

4. Reader's Paradise - Stop doom scrolling!

...and get content curated across topics.

Reading good content is like finding a needle in a haystack. Reader's Paradise is a directory of reading material across topics like Crypto, Startups, Writing, Business, and more.

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Productivity 🚀
5. The Ultimate Lesson You Need To Unlearn
6 minutes | Paul Graham

"The most damaging thing you learned in school wasn't something you learned in any specific class. It was learning to get good grades."

I mean, that's true! We were never exactly taught about getting good grades but we are expected to get good grades by default.

I still don't understand how getting good grades correlates with understanding the said topic. 

"The problem is that nearly all tests given to students are terribly hackable."

➡ Read the post

6. Yes, you can only work 5 hours a day and call it a day.
6 minutes | Rochi Zalani

I've been working only 4-5 hours a day since Pandemic started. It didn't happen by meticulous planning. No, it happened accidentally. Just like how it happened with Rochi who wrote this article.

There's almost never any correlation between the number of hours you work and how productive you are.

➡ Read the post
Creativity 🎨
7. How to make a map of your mind 🧠
2 minutes | Austin Kleon

A technique to get unstuck.

Austin Kleon, one of my favourite authors, writes in this short article about how he makes mind-maps and dumps his ideas before starting a creative project.

It's always fascinating to learn how other's minds work! I might start this soon since I love doodling anyway. Who's with me?

Read the post

8. Don’t build a personal brand – build a creative platform
3 minutes | Jay Clouse

Everyone is on the bandwagon of creating their own personal brand and finding that perfect niche.

Jay Clouse doesn't like it. He talks about creating a "creative platform" rather than "personal brand".

Read the post
Growth 📈
9. How To Build 10K+ audience on Twitter? - Free Guide by a 14 years old.

In this free guide, you can get find detailed insights and step by step guides on how Savio Martin, a 14 year old kid, built an audience of 10K+ within a three-month period on Twitter.

What's Inside?

🧑‍🎓 What he learned by hitting 10K on Twitter
⚡ Mistakes he made
✍️ Tweets that worked
💪 His Secret Tips
🛣️ Roadmap from 0 to 10k

Visit Website

10. Product Hunt Playbook by Demand Growth

This playbook walks you through launching a product on Product Hunt.

Understanding how Product Hunt works is important because you have one shot: You won't be allowed to post the same product again for 6 months — and only for total redesigns. No redos.

If you're a Founder or an Indie Hacker or a Creator, this is the ultimate guide for making the most out of your PH Launch.

Bookmark it and read it later!

Read the post
Bonus Content 🎁
  1. Stoop Inbox: Quit the news feed. Embrace the newsletter. 💌
  2. How I made $1400 through my newsletter with less than 1-hour of work per day.
  3. Ultimate Landing Page Checklist by GrowthMarketer Weekly.
  4. Clarity - See what your users want.
  5. SwipeSpace - All the free swipe files from your favourite creators.

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