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#3 - August 31st, 2021

Liquid Weekly

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Karl Says

It feels like summer is starting to wrap up.

I know for many of us developers July and August can slow down work-wise. But heading into September means that BFCM season is approaching fast.

Let the onslaught of urgent project requests begin!
News & Articles
Is Your Developer Faking Your Pagespeed Score - I felt that this was relevant given the recent tweet by Colin. Kurt and Paul were discussing this thing before it was cool. Learn from this, and don't be this kind of developer.
The Unoffiial Shopify Podcast

✨Sections Everywhere✨ - I remember hearing about sections everywhere for the first time live at Shopify Unite 2019 in Toronoto. Dawn is great, but here's an article to learn how to add sections everyone to one or more pages of an existing theme.

The Ivy Lee Method - Slinging code is one thing, staying focused is another. Last week I ran across this simple yet effective old school technique. Give it a shot - maybe it will work for you.
Alex Vasilevsky

Accessibility Requirements for Shopify Theme Store
- Thinking of writing a new theme for the Shopify theme store to take advantage of all that store 2.0 goodness? Be sure to read up on the new accessibility requirements introduced this summer.

Are you ready for BFCM 2021? - Written for store owners, this excellent article is a great resource for ways that we as developers can help our clients prepare their stores for black friday / cyber monday.
Shop Creatify
Code & Tools

Rutter - An API to read and write data to any merchant's store - Here's a cool thing. Ever need to work with multiple ecommerce platform APIs? Looks like Rutter could potentially save you quite a bit of time.
Thanks to Steve at for the tip!

Add Tailwind CSS Screencast - I've been hearing a lot about Tailwind recently. I haven't had the pleasure of using it on a project yet. Sometimes seeing is believing - watch Eric Woka add Tailwind CSS to a Shopify project in VSCode.
Eric Woka

The Changelog

Shopify API
No changes were announced this week. 🏝
August 30th 2021


Shopify Front End Engineer, FT, Remote - Help build and maintain interactive eCommerce stores for our clients and their customers.

Shopify Developer, FT, Remote - Future Holidays is looking for a Shopify Developer who is creative, motivated, organized and inquisitive.

Frontend Shopify Developer, FT, Remote - Lucid is seeking an experienced frontend web developer with Shopify and Liquid expertise who strives to do high quality work and thrives on collaboration and working as part of a team.

Tip of the Week

Easily create an array of objects with a specific property value

The liquid where filter creates an array including only the objects with a given property value.

﹛% assign req_batteries = toys | where: "batteries_included", "false" %﹜

View the full documentation

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